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Top 8 Places to Visit in Porto

Published on March 21, 2016 by Portugal Rooms

If you are planning to travel to Porto for your Erasmus experience there are numerous places that you can not lose sight and especially carry in your memory! Retain the 8 places that you will see below but there are many others …
However … these tips also serve to those who live in Porto, as we met many portuenses that never entered the Lello bookshop, never visited a cave of Port wine and not even sat in Ribeira to enjoy the landscape … in its own city!
It is natural, when we live in the city, sometimes we leave for another day and never know the places that all who come here want to know very soon.

Sometimes we only value what we see abroad and we in Oporto have all that is most beautiful!

Avenida dos Aliados


Avenida dos Aliados the heart of the city, it is the most beautiful avenue of the city. With imposing buildings, marks a time when the big institutions were based there, this avenue even has an “air” very European. It is from the Av. Aliados that we saw the headquarters of the Porto City Council, and it is this avenue where much happens, like demonstrations, celebrations. festivals and cultural performances. very architectural avenue that is worth appreciating.

São Bento - Train Station

Right next to the Avenida dos Aliados we have the São Bento train station. Our magnificent train station which has links to Braga, Guimarães, Douro Wine Region and Aveiro region.
A beautiful iron building construction from the nineteenth century.


However, it is the atrium that makes tourists come here, grab on his photographic cameras and spend the whole roll ….
This beautiful space covered with huge panels of painted tiles that show some important scenes in the history of Portugal, from the north of the country. This station is considered one of the most beautiful in the world …

Sé do Porto - Cathedral


From São Bento train station, you can see the top of the Cathedral. Located in one of the regions with many medieval remains, it is worth a visit not only the Cathedral, but all its surroundings. This point can also enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the river, it is one of the highest points of the city of Porto.

Inside the cathedral will have access to the cloister where you will find fantastic panels of painted tiles and a collection of beautiful sacred art. Unmissable!

Ponte D. Luis - Bridge

Near the Cathedral and São Bento train station, is just a few meters from the upper deck of the Luis I Bridge and make a stop in the middle of the board and you will be even over the Douro River, with the metro beside you, with a spectacular view over the city and especially on the river …

Torre dos Clérigos

And speaking of view, can not miss Clerigos Tower, the highest tower in Portugal, built by the famous architect Nicolau Nasoni. Climb the nearly 240 steps of the tower and see the whole city from above, it is worth it!

Livraria Lello - Library

Very close to the Clerigos Tower is the library that is considered among the three most beautiful bookstores in the world. The Lello Bookstore is a very special place. Let yourself be charmed by its central staircase, for its beautiful stained glass ceiling and its centennial shelves. Attention: Keep the camera off, because there are not allowed to shoot.

Rua de Santa Catarina

Never forget to go shopping, so you should go to the Rua de Santa Catarina, which is the main street of the traditional trade. Shops and many stores whether traditional or world-renowned brands ….


It is also in Santa Catarina Street that you’ll find the famous Café Majestic, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Be sure to go for a coffee! And take many photographs as well as the Grande Hotel do Porto, a space to relive the glamor of Porto in the end of the XIX century.

Wine Cellars - Gaia

Coming to Porto and not try our famous wine of unique and special port in one of the Caves is like going to Rome and do not visit the Vatican. There are many caves to visit on the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia, some are right on the river bank, but others are more “hidden” through the alleys of the Historical Center of Gaia that is worth being explored …

If you come to Porto, these are some of the most charming places, but know that there is much more to explore, more to feel. There is much more than just 8 places. But start with these!

It is Worth it!
Because Porto is charming!